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Church Buildings in Salem Related to Hawthorne: Introduction

Church Buildings in Salem: Introduction

St. Peter
St. Peter's Episcopal Church in Salem
This section of the Website presents information and some images related to churches in Salem listed below. In some cases the churches are ones attended by Hawthorne's family and friends; in other cases churches are included to give a sense of Hawthorne's world and also of the Salem a visitor would encounter today. All of these churches also appear on the 1840 and/or modern map of Salem.
  • St. Peter's Episcopal Church, 24 St. Peter's Street at Brown St. on St. Peter Square

  • First Church, 121 Washington St., 231 Essex St. Mall

  • First (North) Church (Unitarian), (North Church until 1923; First Church thereafter) 316 Essex St.

  • East Church, 19 Washington Square North at Brown St. (built in 1844-46)

  • Branch Church on Howard St. (no longer standing)

  • Tabernacle Church, Washington and Federal

  • South Church, (originally at Chestnut and Cambridge Sts.; destroyed by fire in 1903)

  • First Baptist Church, 56 Federal St.

  • Crombie Street Church, 7 Crombie St.

  • First Universalist Meetinghouse, 6 Rust St. corner of Rust and Forrester.

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