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Other Buildings in Salem Related to Hawthorne: Introduction

Other Buildings in Salem: Introduction

Hamilton Hall, 9 Chestnut at Cambridge St.
Hamilton Hall, 9 Chestnut at Cambridge St. (courtesy of the Peabody Essex Museum; special thanks to Bryant F. Tolles, Jr.)
This section of the Website presents images and information on other buildings in Salem listed below that are not included in the other sections of the Buildings and Houses area of this Website. In some cases the buildings are related to Nathaniel Hawthorne; in other cases buildings are included to give a sense of Hawthorne's world and also of the Salem a visitor would encounter today. All of these buildings also appear on the 1840 and/or modern map of Salem.
  • Boston and Maine Railroad at the junction of Washington and Norman Streets

  • Hamilton Hall 9 Chestnut St. at Cambridge St.

  • The Salem Lyceum, 43 Church St

  • The Almshouse at the Salem Willows

  • Pioneer Village, Forest River Park, accessible from Clifton or West avenues

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