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Welcome to the Explore Section

Welcome to the Explore Section

Salem Athenaeum, 337 Essex St. in Salem, in 2000
Salem Athenaeum, 337 Essex St. in Salem, in 2000 In (photography by Terri Whitney)
This section of the site lists all guided paths and activities designed for students relating to topics in the Literature and Buildings and Houses sections of the Website. Scroll down this page to see a list of all activities grouped by topic. You may click on a topic to see activities related to that topic.

Explore activities are also listed under the particular area, topic, and subtopic. After you click on an area (e.g., Literature), topic (e.g. The Custom House Sketch), and subtopic (e.g., Fact and Fantasy), click on "Explore" in the Resources list and you will see the guided activities related to that subtopic.

Special Notes

    Explore activities are listed by topic only, so once you click on a topic, you may click on any subtopic. You will see a list of activities related to ALL subtopics for that topic.

    To see a larger version of an image, click on the image. In some cases there will be captions included with this larger image.

    Important! When you click on a link within an activity, to return, right click on your mouse, then click on "back."

Guided Activities By Topic For Students Using Hawthorne in Salem Website Resources:

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