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Excerpt from "The Great Stone Face"

Excerpt from "The Great Stone Face"

Ernest, the model of virtue in this tale, abandons his own idea of what the great redeeming personage would be like in favor of accepting what appears to be the work of Providence. Hawthorne thereby suggests that true belief entails, at least in part, the setting aside of our own wishes and conceptions in favor of those of a higher power.

It is true, Ernest had imagined that this long-looked-for personage would appear in the character of a man of peace, uttering wisdom, and doing good, and making people happy. But, taking an habitual breadth of view, with all his simplicity, he contended that Providence should choose its own method of blessing mankind, and could conceive that this great end might be effected even by a warrior and a bloody sword, should inscrutable wisdom see fit to order matters so.

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