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Excerpt from "The Procession of Life"

Excerpt from "The Procession of Life"

While Hawthorne continually demonstrates a fascination with the ways in which human beings can turn themselves into demons, he does, on occasion, offer hints about how we can become angelic. In these two passages, Hawthorne offers visions of virtue at work in the world.
If the mighty merchant whose benefactions are reckoned by thousands of dollars, deem himself worthy, let him join the procession with her whose love has proved itself by watchings at the sick-bed, and all those lowly offices which bring her into actual contact with disease and wretchedness.

Thus, if we find a spiritual sage, whose unseen, inestimable influence has exalted the moral standard of mankind, we will choose for his companion some poor laborer, who has wrought for love in the potatoe-field of a neighbor poorer than himself.

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