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Excerpt from "My Kinsman, Major Molineux"

In his confrontation with the apparent leader of the party that tars and feathers Major Molineux, Robin encounters a character painted in such a way as to seem like two fiends combined into one, a clear suggestion that whatever the reasons may have been for punishing Robin's kinsman, the punishers were themselves evil characters.

Excerpt from "My Kinsman, Major Molineux"
Robin gazed with dismay, and astonishment, on the unprecedented physiognomy of the speaker. The forehead with its double prominence, the broad-hooked nose, the shaggy eyebrows, and fiery eyes, were those which he had noticed at the inn, but the man's complexion had undergone a singular, or, more properly, a two-fold change. One side of the face blazed an intense red, while the other was black as midnight, the division line being in the broad bridge of the nose; and a mouth which seemed to extend from ear to ear was black or red, in contrast to the color of the cheek. The effect was as if two individual devils, a fiend of fire and a fiend of darkness, had united themselves to form this infernal visage. The stranger grinned in Robin's face, muffled his parti-colored features, and was out of sight in a moment.

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