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Excerpt from "My Kinsman, Major Molineux"

In contrast to the sylvan place of worship Robin remembers from his home, this urban church, abandoned in the darkness of the night, may derive its sanctity from the absence of "impure feet within the walls." The suggestion is that those who comprise the band of fiendlike rebels are the very ones who would destroy the holiness of the place.

Excerpt from "My Kinsman, Major Molineux"
Robin arose, and climbed a window-frame, that he might view the interior of the church. There the moonbeams came trembling in, and fell down upon the deserted pews, and extended along the quiet aisles. A fainter, yet more awful radiance, was hovering around the pulpit, and one solitary ray had dared to rest upon the opened page of the great Bible. Had nature, in that deep hour, become a worshipper in the house, which man had builded? Or was that heavenly light the visible sanctity of the place, visible because no earthly and impure feet were within the walls?

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