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Hawthorne and the Satanic

Excerpt from The Blithedale Romance relating to Satan

Hawthorne pictures Professor Westervelt much as he has the devil in "Young Goodman Brown." Note that in both stories, these figures carry a stick carved in the shape of a serpent. 

From The Blithedale Romance (Chapter 11)

His hair, as well as his beard and moustache, was coal-black; his eyes, too, were black and sparkling, and his teeth remarkably brilliant. He was rather carelessly, but well and fashionably dressed, in a summer-morning costume. There was a gold chain, exquisitely wrought, across his vest. I never saw a smoother or whiter gloss than that upon his shirt-bosom, which had a pin in it, set with a gem that glimmered, in the leafy shadow where he stood, like a living tip of fire. He carried a stick with a wooden head, carved in vivid imitation of that of a serpent. I hated him, partly, I do believe, from a comparison of my own homely garb with his well-ordered foppishness.

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