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Adam & Eve Fireback at the House of the Seven Gables Historic Site
Adam & Eve Fireback at the House of the Seven Gables Historic Site (courtesy of The House of the Seven Gables Historic Site)

  • Excerpt from Anthony Trollope's article "The Genius of Nathaniel Hawthorne," The North American Review. Volume 129, Issue 274, September 1879 (courtesy of Library of Congress and Cornell University Library; the American Memory Project)
    British novelist Anthony Trollope finds a quiet drollery even in the darkest passages of Hawthorne's work and suggests that even our deepest sufferings are not so important as to elevate us above others. If Trollope is correct, this might be due to Hawthorne's modest unwillingness to exalt anything, even sin and its suffering, to a place where it might invite pride.
    Full text of the article is available online at: American Memory Project

  • Khan, Jemshed A. “Atropine Poisoning in The Scarlet Letter.” NEJM 311 (6):414-6. Boston: Massachusetts Medical Society, 1984. Rpt. in CSA Bulletin. Ed. Audrey Shafer, MD. April-June, 2003: 49-55.
    This article in the online California Society of Anesthesiologists Bulletin by a Harvard trained physician argues that Chillingworth may have used atropine to poison Dimmesdale and that the drug, not just Dimmesdale’s guilt, explain some of his unusual behavior.

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