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Websites Related to Quakers

Websites Related to Quakers

George Fox, Quaker from England
George Fox, Quaker from England (courtesy of Dr. John L. Idol, Jr.)
  • Excerpts from Mary Dyer and Companions, Martyrs
    This excerpt shows how Puritans persecuted Quakers throughout the 1650's and 1660's, with a particular focus on the Quaker woman, Mary Dyer.
    Full biography of Mary Dyer
  • Excerpts from Margaret Fell's Letter to the King on Persecution, 1660
    This spirited letter was instrumental in putting the executions of Quakers in Massachusetts to an end. It did not, however, stop the persecution of Quakers in general.
    Taken from the The Quaker Writings Home Page.

  • Thomas Maule is the model for old Matthew Maule of The House of the Seven Gables. It is of some interest to investigate the historical activities of Thomas Maule, a character with whom Hawthorne seems to have had some familiarity. Much more can be learned about him by visiting the following website: http://www.maulefamily.com/mauleb9.htm

  • This brief account of the persecution of Quaker, Mary Dyer provides a sense of both the cruelty of the Puritan persecution of the Quakers and the tenacity with which some Quakers provoked that persecution. It is likely that Hawthorne would have found the obstinacy of both parties sadly disturbing.

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