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Salem Witchcraft Hysteria of 1692 in "Young Goodman Brown"

The Black Man of the Forest with His Familiar
The Black Man of the Forest with His Familiar (courtesy of Peabody Essex Museum, Salem, MA)
  • Excerpts from "Young Goodman Brown" related to Salem Witchcraft and Family History

  • The Witch Tree Tradition (courtesy of the Peabody Essex Museum)
    The story of the Witch Tree from S. Perley's History of Salem, vol. 3. p. 285, reprinted in the Essex Institute Historical Collections, vol. LVII, p. 17)

  • "Proctor's Ledge in Salem confirmed as witch execution site" by Arianna MacNeill, Salem News, January 11, 2016.

  • Link to the Salem Witch Trials Court Record of the Examination of Rebecca Eames and Mary Lacey, August 19, 1692.

    This record quotes the defendant Rebecca Eames, who had been on her way to the court in the custody of her guards the same day that five executions were carried out at the Gallows Hill site now known as Proctorís Ledge. Eames traveled along the Boston Road, which ran just below the execution site.

  • Salem State University Professor Tad Bakerís "The Gallows Hill Project"

  • Excerpt from The American Note-Books. Nathaniel Hawthorne visits the Charter Street Burial Ground, Salem, in 1838 and describes some of the graves.

  • [list of executed witches]
  • Full text of "Young Goodman Brown"

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